Aerospace Controls Laboratory

Measurable Augmented Reality for Prototyping Cyber-Physical Systems (MAR-CPS)

Shayegan Omidshafiei, Ali-akbar Ahga-mohammadi, Steven Chen, N. Kemal Ure


We propose a platform designed to transform indoor laboratories into controlled simulations of outdoor environments. This allows researchers to conduct and debug experiments on autonomous vehicles in a lab setting prior to deploying them into the real world. The technology we use to accomplish this consists of several components: 1) Onboard sensors as well as Vicon motion capture technology are used for vehicle state estimation. 2) Ceiling-mounted projectors, specifically the Sony VPL-FHZ55, are used to augment the lab environment with a projection of an outdoor scene or with real-time data which is useful for researchers. 3) We’ve also worked with Scalable Display Technologies, a company specializing in projection displays, for calibrating and performing edge blending on our projectors

The result is a system which can be used for real-time visualization of low-level or latent information, which is crucial for researchers and students understanding of their algorithms performance in hardware.


Related Publications

  • Omidshafiei, S., Agha-mohammadi, A.-akbar, Chen, Y. F., Ure, N. K., How, J., Vian, J., and Surati, R., “MAR-CPS: Measurable Augmented Reality for Prototyping Cyber-Physical Systems,” AIAA Infotech@Aerospace Conference, 2015.