Aerospace Controls Laboratory

Steven Chen


chenyuf2 [at] mit [dot] edu


Socially Acceptable Navigation
Michael Everett, Steven Chen, 2019

Collision avoidance algorithm using Deep RL.

Predictive Motion Modeling
Steven Chen, Justin Miller, Miao Liu, Shih-Yuan Liu, 2015

This work develops an algorithm that combines the strengths of the Markovian-based and clustering-based methods, by finding the local clusters characterized by partial trajectory segments, and making predictions using both the local motion models and the global Markovian transition dynamics.

Decoupled Multi-agent Path Planning
Steven Chen, Mark Cutler, John (Jack) Quindlen, 2014

This project aims to develop a multiagent path planning algorithm that finds collision-free trajectories for a team of mobile robots.

Measurable Augmented Reality for Prototyping Cyber-Physical Systems (MAR-CPS)
Shayegan Omidshafiei, Ali-akbar Ahga-mohammadi, Steven Chen, N. Kemal Ure, 2014

We propose a platform designed to transform indoor laboratories into controlled simulations of outdoor environments.