Aerospace Controls Laboratory

Miao Liu


miaoliu [at] mit [dot] edu


Predictive Motion Modeling
Steven Chen, Justin Miller, Miao Liu, Shih-Yuan Liu, 2015

This work develops an algorithm that combines the strengths of the Markovian-based and clustering-based methods, by finding the local clusters characterized by partial trajectory segments, and making predictions using both the local motion models and the global Markovian transition dynamics.

Decentralized Control of Multi-Robot Partially Observable Markov Decision Processes using Belief Space Macro-actions
Shayegan Omidshafiei, Ali-akbar Ahga-mohammadi, Christopher Amato, Shih-Yuan Liu, Miao Liu, 2014

This work extends the Dec-POMDP model to the Decentralized Partially Observable Semi-Markov Decision Process (Dec-POSMDP) to take advantage of high-level representations that are natural for multi-robot problems and to facilitate scalable solutions to large discrete and continuous problems.