Onboard Planning System for UAVs in Support of Expeditionary Reconnaissance and Surveillance (OPS-USERS) by Cam Fraser

In partnership with Aurora Flight Sciences and the Humans and Automation Lab, this project is focused on the inclusion of a human operator on an otherwise automated UAV task assignment program. Utilizing an extension of the task assignment algorithms developed within the lab for autonomous UAV path planning, we have achieved preliminary interaction between a user and the algorithms to allow for dynamically changing environments and mission scenarios.

Mission Map

Current work is being undertaken with the completed user interface to assess the feasibility and utility of a human's input to the automated system. The focus is maintained on an intelligent and informative graphical representation of both the current state of the mission and its future evolution based on the currently executed mission plan. Continued work will focus on determining the ideal level of human interaction given certain mission scenarios, the preferred methods (both graphically and algorithmically) for the human's input to the system, and the possible inclusion of resource sharing between multiple operational groups.