UAVs helping a human supervisor map an area that has just experienced a Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Nuclear (CBRN) incident by Aditya Undurti

The overall goal of the project is to achieve a dramatic improvement in the flexibility, robustness, and scalability of human-robot teams in dynamic and uncertain environments. We intend to develop the underlying principles, methodologies, and technologies necessary to develop autonomous robot teammates that collaborate naturally and effectively with humans as peers, and behave compatibly with human cognitive, attentive, and communicative abilities and limitations. In particular, this proposed work aims to achieve successful human-robot teams for increasingly complex tasks that require significant cooperation between team members, and for increasingly complex teams where a single human cooperates with a large diverse team of robots on a shared mission. Specific work includes developing tools for UAVs to autonomously map an unknown and potentially dangerous environment, and developing dynamic tasking algorithms that take into account human cognitive and preference models.