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  1. Koyuncu E., Ure, N. K., Inalhan, G. Integration of Path/Maneuver Planning in Complex Environments for Agile Maneuvering UCAVs Journal of Intelligent and Robotics Systems, issn -- 0921-0296 (Print) 1573-0409 (Online), doi -- 10.1007/s10846-009-9367-1, Springer, September 2009 
  2. Ure, N. K., Inalhan, G. Feasible Agile Maneuver Identification and Generation Algorithms on Multi Modal Control Framework Proc. AIAA Conference on Guidance Navigation and Control (GNC'09), Chicago, Illinois, August 2009
  3. Koyuncu, E., Ure, N.K., Inalhan, G., A Probabilistic Algorithm for Mode Based Motion Planning of Agile Air Vehicles in Complex Environments, Int. Federation of Automatic Control World Congress (IFAC WC'08),Seoul, South Korea, July 2008