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Research Interests

Selected Publications

  1. H.L. Choi, L. Brunet, and J.P. How, "Consensus-based decentralized auctions for robust task allocation," IEEE Trans. on Robotics, , Vol. 25, No. 4, pp. 912 - 926, 2009.
  2. H.L. Choi and J.P. How, "Continuous motion planning for information forecast," IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control, Dec. 2008.
  3. H.L. Choi,J.P. How, and P.I. Barton, "An outer-approximation algorithm for generalized maximum entropy sampling," American Control Conference, June 2008.
  4. H.L. Choi, J.P. How, and J.A. Hansen, "Algorithm and sensitivity analysis of information-theoretic ensemble-based observation targeting," American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting, Jan. 2008.
  5. H.L. Choi and J.P. How, "A multi-UAV targeting algorithm for ensemble forecast improvement," AIAA Conf. on Guidance, Navigation, and Control, Aug. 2007.
  6. H.L. Choi, S.B. Hong, M.A. Jun, O.L. de Weck, and J.A. Hoffman, "Platform-based optimal design of planetary campers," World Congress on Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization, May 2007.
  7. H.L. Choi, M.J. Tahk, and H. Bang, "Neural network guidance based on pursuit-evasion games with enhanced performance," Control Engineering Practice, Vol.14, No.7, pp. 735-742, July 2006.
  8. H.L. Choi, H. Ryu, M.J. Tahk, and H. Bang, "A co-evolutionary method for pursuit-evasion games with non-zero lethal radii," Engineering Optimization, Vol.36, No.1, pp.19-36, Feb. 2004.

Selected Awards

  1. Nominated for the Best Student Paper Award in IEEE Conf. on Decision and Control, 2008.
  2. The Samsung Lee Kun Hee Scholarship. 2004-2008
  3. Honor Prize by President of KAIST, Feb., 2000.
  4. Award of Excellence in Mechanical Engineering Discipline, (1st GPA in Mech. Eng. Disc.)., Apr., 2000.
  5. Excellent Paper Award in Mechanical Engineering Discipline., Apr., 2002.