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  1. L. F. Bertuccelli and J. P. How. "Estimation of Non-Stationary Markov Chain Models" , to appear at the IEEE CDC 2008.
  2. L. F. Bertuccelli and J. P. How. "Robust Decision-Making in MDPs Using Sigma Points",  IEEE ACC 2008.
  3. B. Bethke, L. F. Bertuccelli, and J. P. How. "Experimental Demonstration of MDP-Based Planning with Model Uncertainty",  AIAA GNC 2008.
  4. L. F. Bertuccelli. "Multiple Model Estimation with Uncertain Transition Models",  AIAA GNC 2008. (Finalist, Best Graduate Student Paper)
  5. "Robust Planning For Coupled Cooperative UAV Missions",  IEEE CDC 2004. 

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